Self-reliance in defense is a fundamental principle of an independent sovereign state. A state
without self-reliant armed forces capable of defending the country from the enemies at home and
abroad when imperialism exists cannot, in fact, be called a completely independent sovereign

Imperialism is a constant cause of war, and the main force of aggression and war today is US

As the leader said, we do not want war, nor are we afraid of it, nor do we beg peace from the
imperialists. The best way to preserve national independence and peace and win the revolutionary
cause is to counter the imperialist war of aggression with the war of liberation, answer the
counter-revolutionary violence of reaction with revolutionary violence, and always meet the
imperialist moves of aggression and war in full preparedness.

For this purpose, we must implement the principle of self-reliance in defense.

Self-reliant defense is a military guarantee for a nation's political independence and economic
self-sufficiency. Only when one implements the principle of self-reliant defense, will one be able to
repel imperialist aggression and intervention, defend the nation's political independence and
economic self-sufficiency and safeguard the revolutionary achievements and the security of the

Implementing the principle of self-reliant defense means defending one's country by one's own
efforts. Of course, one may receive aid in national defense from fraternal countries and friends.
But it is impossible to depend on others for the defense of one's own country. In any case, the
main thing is one's own strength. Only when one is strong, will foreign aid prove effective. In
national defense, therefore, one should rely on the efforts of one's own people and one's own
defense capability before anything else. Defense work, too, is an undertaking for the people and of
the people themselves. If all the people participate in unison in the national-liberation struggle and
in the defense of the country, under the leadership of the revolutionary party, they will be able to
repel all imperialist aggressors and safeguard national independence and revolutionary

In order to implement the principle of self-reliant defense, one must have armed forces capable of
defending one's country.

Such armed forces must embrace the sons and daughters of the working people. An army whose
men and commanding officers come from among the workers, peasants and other working
people, can guarantee unity between the army and the people, and between superiors and
subordinates, and become a truly self-reliant people's army which safeguards national
independence and revolutionary achievements and serves the people.

If the principle of self-reliant defense is to be implemented, a defense system involving all the
people and the whole country must be established.

The establishment of such a defense system requires that the whole of the army must be turned
into a cadre army and modernized. Only when the whole army is a cadre army, will it become
strong and provide the necessary force of commanders and multiply its strength in case of need.
And a modernized army which blends its politico-ideological superiority with modern technology
will become a really unconquerable revolutionary army.

In order to set up an all-people, all-nation defense system, it is also necessary to arm all the
people and fortify the whole country. When all the people are under arms and the whole country
becomes a fortress, all the people can be mobilized to crush the enemy as soon as it comes into
attack from any quarter, and defend the country from imperialist aggression with credit.

If the principle of self-reliant defense is to be implemented, the politico-ideological superiority of
the people's armed forces should be utilized to the maximum.

The decisive factor for victory in war does not consist in weapons or techniques, but in the high
political enthusiasm and revolutionary devotion of the army and popular masses who are
conscious of the justice of their cause. A noble revolutionary spirit to fight for the freedom and
liberation of the people, boundless loyalty to the party and the leader, a peerless self-sacrificing
spirit and mass heroism which are expressed in willingly giving up one's youth and life for the
sake of the country and revolution, revolutionary comradeship between men and officers, their
inseparable links with the people, and voluntary military discipline -- these are politico-ideological
superiority peculiar to a people's army, a revolutionary army. As the history of revolutionary wars
shows, a revolutionary army which is in firm politico-ideological readiness, though armed with
inferior weapons, can fight and defeat an enemy equipped with the latest arms. Indeed
politico-ideological superiority is the essential merit of revolutionary armed forces and the source
of their invincibility.

It is imperative, therefore, to knit the army closely from a politico-ideological point of view and
steadily raise its politico-ideological level and ensure that imperialist armies of aggression are
defeated by the strength of the politico-ideological superiority of the revolutionary people's armed

The principle of self-reliant defense, to be implemented, requires that one must build one's own
defense industry.

A national defense industry is a material guarantee for self-reliant armed forces. Particularly at
this time when the US and other imperialists are viciously maneuvering to subjugate other
countries by offering arms as a bait, and plundering other peoples' resources and making huge
profits through arms deal, the newly-independent countries should build their own defense
industries. This is of tremendous significance. True, it would be difficult for small countries to
produce all the arms they need. But it would be inadvisable to depend totally on others for the
arms. They should build and develop their own defense industries so that they can produce
whatever is within their power.

In order to implement the principle of self-reliant defense, it is essential to consolidate the home

As the leader instructed, victory of defeat in modern war depends largely on whether or not
manpower and material resources necessary for the war effort are ensured for a long period. If a
nation is to be ready to cope with war, they must build up major strategic zones, store up
necessary material reserves, and make full preparations from the peace time so as to continue
with production even in the case of a contingency.

Upholding the policy of building the economy and defense simultaneously, our Party has made
good preparations both militarily and materially and built up both the front-line areas and home
front to cope with war.

We will continue to fully implement the policy of self-reliant defense, and thus further strengthen
our self-reliant armed forces to be invincible, fight back any enemy aggression and defend the
country and revolutionary achievements faithfully.