What is a "Dispossess" ("Notice of Petition" or "Petition")?

Click to view a sample Notice of Petition and Petition (NOTE: These forms are for Nonpayment proceedings; click here to see a Notice of Petition and Petition for a Holdover case.)

NOTE: The language on whichever form you receive should be the same as on this site, though the format may be different.   Click here (have current PDF as alternate) to see a different version.

A Notice of Petition (also known as a dispossess) tells you what will happen if you do not come to court to answer your petition

A Petition tells you why your landlord is taking you to court. 

If you do not answer your petition promptly, the landlord will automatically win, and you will be evicted.  Go to Housing Court as soon as you can to file an answer. The Clerk will help you.  Click here to see the form the Clerk will fill out.  Read it before you go to court to see what applies to you.

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