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Professor Katherine Franke
Spring 2005
Thursdays 4:10-7:00
Room WJW 600

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The 1960s marked a transition in global economic engagement from one characterized by colonial extraction and exploitation, to sustainable development emphasizing economic growth and the alleviation of poverty. Over time it became clear that development was not a process that lifted all boats, but rather that successful development strategies must include attention to gender. In 1995 the United Nations Development Programme supplemented its Human Development Index with a Gender Development Index, reflecting gender disparities in basic human capabilities. This seminar will introduce students to the role that gender plays in the success and assessment of development strategies and the expansion of human capabilities.  Class attendance and a final paper are mandatory.

Students are expected to do all the reading in advance of each seminar meeting, attend every seminar meeting, and participate actively in seminar discussion.  Every week students must write a short (1-2 page) critical response to the weekly readings which must be e-mailed to the class by 5:00 pm on Wednesday before the seminar meeting.  Students must also complete a 20-25 page seminar paper on a topic to be chosen in consultation with Professor Franke. Seminar paper topics must be developed by the students and approved by the Professor no later than March 10th.  Final papers will be due on May 13th.  Law students may use the seminar paper to fulfill the major or minor writing requirements for the J.D. degree.  The paper will determine 75% of the grade, while seminar attendance, weekly papers and class participation will make up 25% of the grade.

Professor Franke's Coordinates:

Office: Room 627
Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:00-3:30
Phone: 854-0061
Professor Franke's Assistant: Jinah Paek, 854-2511,

Several texts will serve as background for our discussions this semester.  Students will be expected to familiarize themselves with these publications:

Supplemental Texts/Sources:

  Required Texts:

- Martha Nussbaum, Women and Human Development: The Capabilities Approach, and 
- Peter Uvin, Human Rights and Development, available for purchase at Labyrinth Books

- Readings distributed during the course of the semester








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