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Add a Folder Item

1. Click on the folder you wish to add materials

2. Click on "New Folder Item" button in top toolbar.

3. Type in the "Folder Item Name".

4. Enter the text of the page you want to create (or describe the attachments you will post).

You can either type in the words directly into the box or copy and paste from another document.
(To add HTML into the box, see instructions below).

5. Add any attachments (see below for instructions).

6. Click on the "Done" button at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

A "Folder Item" is equivalent to a page. This program uses the standard metaphor of folders and "folder items". In effect, "Folder Items" are pages within folders. Use the "New Folder Item" to add a new page. To edit the page, use "Edit Document". 

To avoid creating "FOLDERS" as subfolders or creating "FOLDER ITEMS" as subfolder items, be sure to click on the top level before creating a folder or a folder item.