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Appendix A: List of New Features Available for Fall 2004

1. The ability to import materials from a previous semester's courseweb has been added.   For instructions goto "Importing Materials From Previous Semester's Courseweb".

2.  Faculty Assistants are automatically given access to coursewebs for all faculty they are assigned. Carloline Lukaszewski, Manager of Faculty Assistants, maintains the database on the assignments of faculty assistants to faculty.

3. A new feature in Lawnet available for the Fall Semester 2004 will be an online seating chart application.  Students will be able to sign up on the web to designate their seats in large classrooms.  More information about this application will available from the IT Department before the start of the Fall 2004 Semsester.

New Features Available for Fall 2003

1. Course descriptions are automatically posted in each courseweb. These descriptions are taken from the Lawnet database and the information needs to be edited within the Lawnet database.  Each page in the courseweb has a new link to Lawnet in the top layer toolbar. So, to edit the course description, follow the instructions in this manual.  This is the same database that is used for the curriculum guide that is publicly available through the CLS home page. Any changes made to the course description will also be made to the curriculum guide, as well.

2.  A log of all emails sent out through the courseweb email feature has been added.  This log is an archive of all email sent out by faculty and any responses sent by students. A link to this log can be found on the left hand side of the courseweb below the Discussion links and above the Manage Access Control links.

3. A sort by date up/down triangle has been added to the all documents view of the in the Discussion section.

Short list of Fall 2002 Courseweb enhancements

1. Authors of the courseweb will have the ability to turn on or off the discussion page. If the feature is off, the space will be occupied by the manage access region. (See Discussion Links Page)

2. Email links to the Professor are added to the upper left hand corner of the course web, under the Professor’s name there is an icon that is automatically liked to the law school email address for example: If there is more than one professor each professor will receive a copy of the email.

3. A new option is included to move a folder to the top of the list (just below the course description).  This will give some flexibility in the order folders are displayed. (See Moving Folder to Top)

4. Attachments with spaces in the file name will automatically be trimmed. All white space will be deleted. File name Competing Visions of Federalism.wpd would become CompetingVisionsofFederalism.wpd. This avoids the problem of attaching files that have problems being displayed due to incompatible naming of the original file.

5. Secure all elements on the site to comply with https. (This will get rid of that vexing "you are about to view unsecured information" dialogue box.)

6. Create a searchable database of all courses on the public index page of