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Create/Edit a New Folder

One "New Folder" is included as a standard element. 
To edit this folder:

1. Click on "Edit Document".

2. Set access rights to Public Access: yes or no.

3. Type a new name for the folder in the field for "Folder Name". In this case it is called "Assignments".

4. Enter a description for the materials you plan to put into the folder. You can either type in the words directly into the box or copy and paste from another document.

5. Click on the "Save & Close" button.

Additional folders can be created simply by clicking on the " New Folder" button in the top toolbar. Subfolders can also be created by clicking on "New Folder" when a folder is open. So, be sure that you are not in an open folder at the point when you click on "New Folder" if you want the folder to be created at the top level of the courseweb.