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Edit Toolbar

The "Edit" toolbar has six menu items to perform different functions.

1) Edit Document: Allows you to edit the descriptions or content in "Folders" or "Folder Items".  Make sure you have clicked on the appropriate "Folder" or "Folder Item" you want to edit, before you click on "Edit Document".

2) New Folder: Allows you to create a "New Item" section to be placed in a "Folder". It is equivalent to a "page" within a folder where you can add articles of text and file attachments. Subitems can also be created by clicking "New Item" when an item section is open. So, be sure that you are not in an open item section if you want the "New Item" to be created at the top level of the current "Folder" you are in.

3) New Folder: Allows you to create a "New Folder" in the top level of the Courseweb.

4) LAWNET: This links out to the "LAWNET" database. This application allows you to view your class list (including pictures of your students), and create/edit your course descriptions among other things.

5) Online Manual: Takes you to the "Online Manual" for coursewebs where you may also download the manual in PDF format for printing.

6) Logout: Log out of the Courseweb.