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Send a Message to the Entire Class

1. Click on the link that reads "Link to mailing list" which is next to the appropriate class number and name.

2. After the above window appears fill in the subject and message field.

3. Add an attachment if necessary by following the instructions on Page **, if no attachment needs to be added skip to Step 4.

4. Click on the Send button to send the message to the entire class. 

The email address of student is the email address on record with the law school.  The Law School IT Dept. maintains a list of email addresses for all students, and students need to contact the IT Dept. if they wish to receive the class email at another address. 

Please note:  When students receive an email from the list and a student replies to the message, everyone in the class will receive that reply.  

If a student wishes to send an email directly to the faculty a separate email should be sent directly to the  faculty and not through the list function.  (see Appendix C Mailing List and Discussion Groups)