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Changing the Name of  a Folder from a Previous Semester

To change the name of a folder imported from a previous semester use the "Edit Document" function.

For example, to change the name of the folder "Assignments" click on the folder.  Then  click "Edit Document", fill out the Folder Name: field with the new folder name.  In this case we are changing the name of the "Assignments" folder to "Class Plan & Schedule".



At this point any of the items such as "Assignment 1" of "Assignment 2" can be kept in this new folder and new items for the Fall Semester 2004 can be added to this newly re-named folder.

To add folder items to a folder see "Add A Folder Item (add a new page to a folder)"

(Note: that if you delete a folder imported from a previous semester, delete all items in the folder before deleting the folder). Copies of folder items will re-appear under certain conditions.

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