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Online Course Web Manual

Introduction to Web Publishing

Course Web Overview
Publishing Policies & Support

Posting Materials to the Course Web

Address of Course Web
Opening Screen

Access to a Course Web
List of Courses
Send a Message to the Entire Class
Mailing List Log
Course Web Template
Top Layer Toolbar
Edit Toolbar
Edit the Course Description (though Lawnet)
      Lawnet Login
      Lawnet "Submit Course Description" Button
      Lawnet Course Listing
      Lawnet Course Description
      Lawnet "Unpublish" button
Create/Edit a New Folder
Add a Folder Item (add a new page to a folder)
Add an Attachment
Display of Attachments
Open or Save Attachments in Netscape
Open or Save PDF files in Netscape
Delete a Folder
Delete a Folder Item (delete a page in a folder)
Adding Links to Page
Moving a Folder to the Top
Adding HTML to a Web Page
Access Control Management

Mailing List & Discussion Groups

Mailing List & Discussion List Links
Discussion Blank Template
Posting a Message
Display of Posted Messages
Display of the Entire Message
Discussion Editor/Response Menu
Display of Responses
Using Categories
Display of Categories
Display by Author
Display by Date

Importing Materials From Previous Semester's Courseweb *(New Fall 2004)*

Import Courseweb
Relationship Between Folders and Items
Changing Folder Names

Appendix A: List of New Features