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Open or Save PDF files in Netscape

When a file in .PDF format ( the adobe acrobat format), is attached, it does not display when the Netscape browser is used. (It will display using Internet Explorer). So, to access a file in .PDF format when using Netscape do the following:

1. With the cursor over the file, right click on the mouse.

2. The menu shown here will appear. Select "Save Link As".

3. When "Save Link As" is selected, the "Save As" dialog box will appear.

4. Select the path where the file should be saved (H: drive, C: drive, etc.) and click on the "Save" button at the bottom right hand side of the box.

5. Using Windows Explorer or the "My Computer" function in windows, select (double click) the file that was downloaded and it will launch in Adobe Acrobat.

TO AVOID THIS TROUBLE, USE Microsoft Internet Explorer to read PDF files.