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Course Web Overview     

The Law School Information Technology and Educational Technology Departments have created a simple to use and flexible course web page application.  Posting of all materials and other functions are done using a web browser.  Microsoft Internet Explorer allows more functionality for file display and downloading, but Netscape can be used  effectively, as well.  Most full time faculty and many adjunct faculty post materials using this system. 

These are a few basic features of coursewebs:

  • Faculty do not need to request a web page. One courseweb will be created automatically for each class, and the faculty member who is designated as the instructor (by Academic Services) will have rights to edit the web page.

  • Faculty Assitants are automatically given access to coursewebs for all faculty they are assigned. Carloline Lukaszewski, Manager of Faculty Assistants, maintains the database on the assignments of faculty assistants to faculty.

  • CLS students will automatically be given access to all Law School course web pages for those courses in which they are registered. The registration data maintained by Academic Services is used to control student access to a courseweb. When students add or drop a course the registration data for the courseweb will be updated within 24 hours.

  • IMPORTANT: For all  non CLS students registered in a Law School course, a form needs to be filled out (in person) at Registration Services.  If a student from another school at Columbia does not fill out the form, they will not be included in the Law School registration database.  Student access to a courseweb is determined by the Law School Registration Services registration database.

  • Faculty and faculty assistants can manage who has access to a courseweb.  Faculty can give their  TA edit or read rights to the web page through the "Manage Access Control" feature at the bottom left of the page.

  • There is an import function  to facilitate the transfer of  files from previous semesters.  See "Importing Previous Semester's Courseweb Material".

  • Each folder that is created in the course web can be designated as "public" or "private".  The course description folder is automatically public. Information about the course for prospective students or others outside the law school can be added in this folder. Any other folder can also be made "public" and the pages in the folder can be viewed by the outside world. Materials designated by the instructor as "public" can be viewed through the link available at:


  • All materials added to a course web (except the "Course Description") are designated as "private" by default. If materials are added in the default "private" mode, only students registered in the course will have access to them. Anyone else who has a Law School network account can be added to the course as a student or as a TA with authoring rights by using the "Manage Access Control" feature.

  • A new feature in Lawnet that was made available for the Fall Semester 2004 was an online seating chart application.  Students are able to sign up on the web through Lawnet to designate their seats in large classrooms.