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Publishing Policies and Support

Support for the Law School Coursewebs is provided by the Educational Technology Department and the Information Technology Department. Educational Technology will train full-time faculty in their offices and  give group trainings as described above.  Educational Technology also trains full-time faculty and faculty assistants on the use of the high speed scanner located in the Secretariat (7th floor Greene Hall). Please contact Educational Technology (854-2400 for individual training.

 The IT  Helpdesk will answer questions concerning the basic functionality of the courseweb application. You can contact the IT helpdesk at (854-1370   More information about the Law School IT Dept. Services:

Faculty who are interested in using an application besides the courseweb should contact Brian Donnelly,  (Director of Educational Technology  854-3198, to discuss the options available. The Law School has a limited number of  sites that it can develop using the Lotus Quickplace application and those faculty who have been using Microsoft Front Page as an editor can continue to use it for course development purposes.

Columbia University makes available to faculty an application called "COURSEWORKS" and it is supported by Columbia Academic Computing and CCNMTL.  The Law School registration data is not available to the Courseworks system. As a result, the Law School Educational Technology Department and the Law School Information Technology Department do not support (provide training or answer questions) for courseworks.