Conference on Violence on Campus:
Prediction, Prevention and Response

April 4th, 2008 | New York City

The Health, Law and Society Program of the Columbia Law School is pleased to announce a one day conference on Violence on Campus: Prediction, Prevention and Response to be held on Friday, April 4, 2008 at the Law School. The conference, which will feature academic experts from law and the social sciences, policy makers and practitioners, is intended to bring together professionals and academics to share knowledge and information, and to stimulate research and innovative policy development in this area. We expect that attendees will include university attorneys and administrators; counseling center directors and staff; off-campus clinicians who work with students; academics in mental health, law, and policy; students; and the media.

plenary sessions and panels

  • Understanding Violence in Colleges and Universities
  • Prediction of Violence
  • Turning Violence Inward -- Understanding and Preventing Campus Suicide
  • Media Coverage of Campus Violence
  • Legal Issues
  • Translating Theories into Practice
  • Future Concerns: Research, Policy and Law


To register for the conference, please head to the registration page. A Registration Form is available for download. Instructions for submitting your form and payment can be found there.