Stallman on Open Source

 (1 min 35 sec)

>>Lesser of 2 Evils

(22 min )

>>Freedom 0 and freedom 1 - the freedom to control your own computer
>>Freedom 3 the freedom to change a program
>>Freedom 4 the freedom to distribute-everyone benefits

(13 min 47 sec)

>>Development of the GNU operating system
>>GNU is not Linux

(10 min 36 sec)
>>Linux Kernal
1992 GPL adoption by Linux
>>Attribution and philosophy

(5 min 5 sec)
>>Challenges to free software community
>Freedom Vs domination
Technology and sustainable development
>>Saint Richard

Eben Moglen (left) and Richard Stallman (right)

A few years ago Prof. Eben Moglen invited Richard Stallman to participate in a video conference with a university in Brazil.  The video conference was conducted at CLS in room 106.  We have taken the tape of that event out of the archives and now posted it for the exclusive use of  LDA Clinic students to watch.* This is your opportunity  to see, first hand, how one of the pioneers of the Open Source movement describes his role in the development of free software along with his general philosophy about software.

At that time, the Brazilian government was considering adopting Open Source software as the standard for all software used by the government. It did eventually adopt that rule.

This was also in the period before the adoption of the GPL 3.  Prof. Moglen was working closely with Richard Stallman to draft the language of the new version of the GPL. Since that time Prof. Moglen has organized a law firm devoted to representing people and organizations involved in the Open Source movement.

For more background please look at the web pages for the Free Software Foundation, and the Software Freedom Law Center.

*Please note that this video is posted temporarily and exclusively for students in the Lawyering in the Digital Age Clinic Spring Semester 2012.