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Conference Overview

This conference responds to the urgent need for effective and lawful ways to advance diversity and opportunity by increasing access and participation for those currently marginalized from high quality higher education. It will focus on how to sustain institutional change, develop institutional collaborations, and leverage networks. The work presented at the conference will highlight transformative leadership, strategies that develop opportunity and knowledge networks, and programs and practices that enable colleges and universities to reconnect merit to their mission of building capacity, advancing knowledge and addressing pressing social problems.

The Conference will take place on December 3-5, 2008 at the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Please visit the interactive on line community set up by the Center for Instiutional and Social Change in connection with the conference at www.groundshift.org.

Conference Goals

  • To work with participants to chart a direction for future work and share effective practice programs that have a proven track record.
  • To inform the national policy agenda, link the work of strategically placed individuals who are in positions to affect policy and practice within and across institutions, and identify an agenda for the next critical steps in research and experimentation.
  • To solidify existing networks interesting in collaborating on experiments and programs, and to develop linkages among ideas and networks that are currently operating in silos and that must be connected for multi-level, integrated change to occur.


This conference will be of interest to a national group of researchers and practitioners engaged in shaping the future of higher education, including faculty, higher education leaders (such as presidents, provosts, chief diversity officers, ADVANCE program participants, admissions officers, associate provosts, campus counsel), foundations, research centers, professional higher education networks, business leaders involved in advancing educational diversity, participants in the regional HERCs, policy and research organizations, students, and advocacy groups focused on increasing educational access and participation.

Save the Date:   December 3-5, 2008

  For more information, please contact us at: cisc@law.columbia.edu

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