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Who’s Qualified?  The Future of Affirmative Action
 (with Lani Guinier) (Beacon Press 2001


Linking Mobilization to Institutional Power:  The Faculty-Led Diversity Initiative at Columbia (with Emma Freudenberger, Jean E. Howard, and Eddie Jauregui) in Reconstructing The Academy: Faculty Take the Lead, forthcoming 2007

International Union, U.A.W. v. Johnson Controls: The History of Litigation Alliances and Mobilization to Challenge Fetal Protection Policies (with Carrie Bettinger-Lopez), in Civil Rights Stories, Myriam Gilles and Risa Golubov, forthcoming 2007

Gender Equity Regimes and the Architecture of Learning, in Law and New Approaches to Governance in the EU and US, (Joanne Scott and Grainne. DeBurca, editors, Hart Publishing, 2006)

Gender Equity As Institutional Transformation: The Pivotal Role of “Organizational Catalysts” in Learning, from ADVANCE University of Michigan Press, Abigail J. Stewart, Janet E. Malley and Danielle Lavaque-Manty, editors (2007)

Law's Role in Addressing Complex Discrimination (Rights and Realities, Robert Nelson and Laura Beth Nielson, editors 2005)

Remedying Organizational Discrimination, in Legality and Community: On the Intellectual Legacy of Philip Selznick (Robert Kagan, Martin Krygier, and Kenneth Wilson, Ed 2002)

Equality and Inequality, International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2001)


New Democracy Forum on The Future of Affirmative Action
Boston Review, December 2000/January 2001


The Architecture of Inclusion: Advancing Workplace Equality in Higher Education was the subject of a workshop at Harvard and subsequent issue published by the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender.  The symposium drew professors and practitioners from a range of backgrounds: law, sociology, history of science, psychology, economics, education, and business to comment on The Architecture of Inclusion. These essays and Prof. Sturm response are included below.

The Architecture of Inclusion: Interdisciplinary Insights on Pursuing Institutional Citizenship, Susan Sturm

Preface to Responses - Dynamism, Not Just Diversity
Lani Guinier and Martha Minow

The Architecture of Inclusion: Evidence from Corporate Diversity Programs, Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev

Tempered Radicals as Institutional Change Agents: The Case of Advancing Gender Equity at the University of Michigan, Debra Meyerson and Megan Tompkins

Progressive Lawyering in Politically Depressing Times: Can New Models for Institutional Self-Reform Achieve More Effective Structural Change, Susan D. Carle

Towards a New Civil Rights Framework, Guy-Uriel E. Charles

Getting More Women into Science: Knowledge Issue
Londa Schiebinger

The Supermodular Architecture of Inclusion
Richard R. W. Brooks and Valerie Purdie-Vaughns

Studying Institutional Engagement: Utilizing Social Psychology Research Methodologies to Study Law Student Engagement
Bonita London
, Vanessa Anderson, Geraldine Downey


Conflict Resolution and Systemic Change (with Howard Gadlin), 2007 J. of Dispute Resolution 1

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Resolving the Remedial Dilemma: Strategies of Judicial Intervention in Prisons,138 U. Pa. L. Rev. 805 (1990)







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