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Document Requests

The police may mail you a "discovery request," which may ask you to provide various papers about your use and ownership of the car or your employment and finances. These requests are often made in a case where the owner was not in the car at the time of arrest and is not the person arrested. If you are concerned about whether you should send certain information, consult an attorney or contact OATH at 1-844-628-4692, for a telephone conference with an OATH judge and with the police representative about what to do.

Even if you are unable to provide the papers requested, you can still go to the hearing and present your case. The judge at the hearing can decide if more records are needed. Bring two copies of any papers that you bring to the hearing, in addition to your originals.

If you think the police have papers regarding your case that would be helpful to you, you can ask OATH to order the police to give you copies of those papers. Call OATH at 1-844-628-4692.