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If You Miss the Hearing

If you do not go to the hearing, the police will present proof that you had notice of the date and time of the hearing. If you did have this notice, it is very likely you will lose your hearing, and the OATH judge will prepare a default judgment against you. You will receive a written decision in the mail. You will not be able to have a Krimstock hearing after this happens, and you may not be able to get your car back unless you win the civil forfeiture proceeding in state court.

You should immediately call OATH if you have a good reason for missing the hearing and wish to reschedule. The number is 1-844-628-4692. OATH will have to arrange a telephone call with the police representative assigned to your case to discuss this request.

OATH may then ask you to send a letter to OATH explaining why you were unable to attend, and stating the proof you have that will help you win on one of the three steps the police will have to prove.