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Request the Hearing

To ask for a hearing, follow the instructions on your Vehicle Seizure Form and mail it to this address:

NYPD Legal Bureau
Attention: Vehicle Seizure Unit
2 Lafayette Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10007

After you mail your Vehicle Seizure Form, the police must schedule the hearing to take place no later than 10 business days (Monday – Friday) after they receive your form in the mail, unless you are not available within those 10 business days and you need a later date. There is space on the form to list all the days in the next 4 weeks that DO NOT work for you. After you send your demand for a hearing, your notice of hearing date will come in the mail.

Note: If the District Attorney is holding your car as evidence, you will not be able to schedule a Krimstock hearing, until the District Attorney releases that hold. When you send in the Vehicle Seizure Form to ask for the Krimstock hearing, you will also be asking the DA to make a quick decision either to get a Retention Order form a state court judge, to hold the car for use in the criminal trial, or to send a DA's release promptly so your Krimstock hearing will not be delayed. If the District Attorney's office decides that it wants to keep the car, it must ask the judge in your criminal case to issue a "retention order." A retention order says that your car can be kept as evidence for the criminal case. THE KRIMSTOCK HEARING CAN NOT GO FORWARD IF THERE IS A RETENTION ORDER IN PLACE.