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Click here to to view a sample Vehicle Seizure Form.
The Form is also available in Spanish here.

The Police Must Give you Notice

When the police take a car, they must give both driver and owner (if different people) a Vehicle Seizure Form. This form explains the right to a hearing. (The Form is also available in Spanish, click here.)

The Police must provide this notice two times – at the time the car is taken and again by mail. If you own the car but you were not in the car when the police seized it, the police will give the driver notice at the time of arrest and send you a notice in the mail.

The Vehicle Seizure Form is important. It explains how to request a Krimstock hearing, and what the process is for the hearing. If you want a hearing you must fill out the form and send it to the police at the address on the form.

No hearing will take place until the police have this form. If you did not get a Vehicle Seizure Form, you can print it out from this website and fill in a blank form with all the information you have, especially the arrest number, precinct, time, date, location of the incident and name of owner. The original form you should have gotten is pink.

If the police did not give you notice, meaning the Vehicle Seizure Form, visit the Plan to Respond to what the Police Must Prove part of this website that explains what to do if you did not receive the required Notice.